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Swell HCB22A

Asymmetric LED luminaire for use in manufactured cove systems, Illuminated by BIOS®

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The Swell Series HCB22A is a shallow profile asymmetric LED cove luminaire, designed to integrate with a manufactured cove system and tailored for health-centric lighting installations. The heavy gauge, sheet formed housing is fitted with a primary and saw-tooth reflector to produce a smooth, uniform gradient light across the ceiling plane. A clear dust cover shields the reflector system and LED modules.

The HBC22A fixture is embedded with BIOS SkyBlue® circadian solutions to produce the healthy “blue sky” light signal needed to stimulate human circadian biology. This specific light wavelength communicates directly with human biology through a non-visual photoreceptor to regulate circadian rhythms, providing healthier sleep patterns and ultimately, better health.


  • Nominal Length: 4'
  • Output: R: regular | H: high
  • Lumens/ft.: R: 585 | H: 780
  • Watts/ft.: R: 8.2 | H: 11.3
  • Luminaire Lumens: R: 2162 | H: 2883
  • Efficacy (LPW): R: 72 | H: 70

Note: All data reflects fixture with BIOS Static Spectrum 3500K LEDs.


Fixture housing constructed of formed and riveted, pre-painted 20 gauge aluminum and heavy gauge steel sheet end caps.

The fixture housing is proportioned and formed to integrate with a manufactured cove system (consult factory for compatibility details).

The multi-reflector optic system is formed from aluminum with finishes of up to 96% reflectance.

Includes a clear acrylic dust cover.

Available in nominal lengths of 2’, 3’, 4’ and 5’.

Fixtures provided with 18 ga. wiring harness for 6 Amp maximum load (consult factory for runs requiring multiple circuits, sensor integration, etc.).

Standard integral 120V-277V driver offered with 0-10V dimming or non-dim (other dimming driver options available).

Integral 120-277V emergency battery backup available for 4’ nominal non-dim or 0-10V (consult factory for all other lengths/drivers).

Standard outputs are 585 or 780 lumens per foot.

BIOS LEDs have 80+ CRI, R9 90+ and are available in static 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and two dynamic options in 2700-3000K, 2700-3500K and 2700-4000K.

A supplemental optic blending film is provided for fixtures that terminate at a perpendicular wall.

Life: 50,000 hours L70.

UL and C-UL listed for dry and damp locations.

Limited five year warranty.

IBEW manufactured and assembled.

Made in U.S.A.

Product Data

Nominal Fixture Length

  • 22: 22-1/4"
  • 33: 33-1/4"
  • 44: 44-1/4"
  • 55: 55-1/4"

Correlated Color Temperature

  • BIOS Static | BS30: 3000K
  • BIOS Static | BS35: 3500K
  • BIOS Static | BS40: 4000K
  • BIOS Dynamic | BD30: 2700K-3000K
  • BIOS Dynamic | BD35: 2700K-3500K
  • BIOS Dynamic | BD40: 2700K-4000K
  • BIOS Dynamic TW | BDTW30: 2700K-3000K
  • BIOS Dynamic TW | BDTW35: 2700K-3500K
  • BIOS Dynamic TW | BDTW40: 2700K-4000K


  • ND: non-dimming
  • D: 0-10V, 1%
  • DTR: triac, 1%, (120V ONLY) *
  • DLV: electronic low voltage, 1%, (120V ONLY) *
  • HES: Lutron EcoSystem, soft-on/fade-to-black, 1% *
  • EL: eldoLED ECOdrive 0-10V, 1%
  • ES: eldoLED SOLOdrive 0-10V, 0.1%
  • ELD: eldoLED ECOdrive DALI, 1% *
  • ESD: eldoLED SOLOdrive DALI, 0.1% *

* Consult factory for dimming protocols other than 0-10V.

Light Output

(lumens per foot)

  • R: regular – 585
  • H: high – 780
  • CF: consult factory for custom output


  • ED: emergency driver (4' non-dim or 0-10V only)


Mounting Options

  • Use appropriate fastener through Ø3/16” holes in housing.
  • Fixture housing engages with an aligning feature within the cove system.
  • NOTE: A minimum distance of 10” is suggested from the top of the fixture to the ceiling surface for best blending of light.

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