Chill HL2

2” aperture direct/indirect acoustic panel luminaire

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The Chill HL2 direct/indirect luminaire is designed to enhance interior spaces with subtle to bold colors, while damping sound reflections.

The 2” wide aperture fixture is clad with ½” thick felt acoustic panels in 8”, 12” or 16” heights and twenty standard colors. Fixture end treatments include matching acoustic material, machined aluminum end caps with powder coat or printed imagery options or solid wood end caps in a variety of finishes. The HL2 is Controls Capable, being offered with a variety of integrated control options.

Add further sound absorption in an architectural space with complimenting HB2 non-illuminated acoustic baffles.



Fixture constructed of extruded aluminum, heavy gauge sheet formed steel and aluminum, extruded acrylic lenses and PET acoustic felt panels.

Model variations offered for cable suspended and wall mount applications as 2’-8’ nominal single fixtures and continuous runs up to 50’.

The 1/2” thick, 100% PET (>75% recycled), fire rated (ASTM E84 Class B) 0.98 NRC acoustic felt panels feature a bottom beveled edge, extended ends and are available in twenty standard colors.

Fixture end treatment options available in matching acoustic material or machined aluminum end caps with standard powder coat, optional RAL finishes, high resolution digital imagery or solid wood end caps.

Indirect Lambertian and batwing optic options are available.

Basic continuous run fixtures provided with 18 ga. wiring harness for 6 Amp maximum load (consult factory for runs requiring multiple circuits, sensor integration, etc.).

Standard integral 120-277V driver offered with 0-10V dimming or non-dim (other dimming driver options available).

Integral 120-277V emergency battery backup available for non-dim or 0-10V fixtures and operate the direct source in 4’ sections within the run (consult factory for details and for compatibility with other drivers).

Standard light outputs range from 445 – 860 lumens per foot for the direct source and 455 – 1340 lumens per foot for the indirect source.

LEDs available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K, within a 3 step MacAdam ellipse, all with 90+ CRI typical.

Bartco Lighting Controls Capable fixture available with integrated controls from a variety of suppliers.

Life: 50,000 hours L70.

Limited five year warranty.

UL and C-UL listed for dry and damp locations.

Made in U.S.A.

Product Data

Nominal Fixture Length

Specify run length to the nearest one foot. Factory will configure using the least quantity of fixtures as close to the desired run length as possible without exceeding the length. Run to be confirmed with a shop drawing.

  • Specify run from 2’–50’ to the nearest foot

Correlated Color Temperature

  • 27: 2700K-90+ CRI
  • 30: 3000K-90+ CRI
  • 35: 3500K-90+ CRI
  • 40: 4000K-90+ CRI


  • ND: non-dimming
  • D: 0-10V, 1%
  • DTR: triac, 1%
  • DLV: electronic low voltage, 1%
  • HES: Lutron EcoSystem, soft-on/fade-to-black, 1%
  • EL: eldoLED ECOdrive, 0-10V, 1%
  • ES: eldoLED SOLOdrive 0-10V, 0.1%
  • ELD: eldoLED ECOdrive DALI, 1%
  • ESD: eldoLED SOLOdrive DALI, 0.1%


  • C4: cable mount 4’ cable length
  • C8: cable mount 8’ cable length
  • WM: wall mount
  • CF: consult factory for custom mounting

Light Output

(lumens per foot)

  • Indirect | L1: low output, Lambertian dist. – 475
  • Indirect | R1: reg. output, Lambertian dist. – 645
  • Indirect | H1: high output, Lambertian dist. – 880
  • Indirect | VH1: very high output, Lambertian dist. – 1340
  • Indirect | L2: low output, batwing dist. – 455
  • Indirect | R2: reg. output, batwing dist. – 620
  • Indirect | H2: high output, batwing dist. – 840
  • Indirect | VH2: very high output, batwing dist. – 1275
  • Indirect | NA: no indirect light source
  • Indirect | CF: consult factory for custom configuration
  • Direct | LA: low output, flush lens – 445
  • Direct | RA: reg. output, flush lens – 610
  • Direct | HA: high output, flush lens – 860
  • Direct | NA: no direct light source
  • Direct | CF: consult factory for custom output


  • ED: emergency driver (SINGLE CIRCUIT, non-dim or 0-10V only)
  • WS1A: Wattstopper FS- 205, 100%-0% *
  • WS1B: Wattstopper FS- 205, 100%-50% *
  • EN1: Enlighted FS-D22 *
  • ES4: Philips EasySense SNS211 MC *
  • CA1: Casambi CBU-A2D *
  • NL1: nLight RES7 *
  • NL2: nLight RIO *
  • LA1: Lutron Athena A-WN-D01-RF-WH *
  • LA2: Lutron Athena A-WN-D01-OCC-WH *

* See Integrated Controls section for driver compatibility information.

End Treatment

  • 1: extended panels
  • 2: acoustic
  • CF: consult factory for custom end treatment

End Finish

  • Code from color key: ___
  • CF: consult factory for custom finish


  • 8: 8"
  • 12: 12"
  • 16: 16"


Mounting Options

Cable Mount


  • Ø 1/16”x 48” (C4) or 96” (C8) aircraft cables
  • 60” (C4) or 108” (C8) power cable in coordinating finish
  • Ceiling couplers, cable grippers and Ø 5” white canopies

Ordering Code: C4 and C8

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