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2” wide direct/indirect LED luminaire, Illuminated by BIOS®

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The Swell Series HCB12 is a linear LED luminaire tailored for health-centric lighting installations. The 2” wide by 3-1/2” high extruded aluminum housing is offered for wall or cable suspended mounting and variety of optic options. The HCB12 is Controls Capable, being offered with a variety of integrated control options.

The HBC12 fixture is embedded with BIOS SkyBlue® circadian solutions to produce the healthy “blue sky” light signal needed to stimulate human circadian biology. This specific light wavelength communicates directly with human biology through a non-visual photoreceptor to regulate circadian rhythms, providing healthier sleep patterns and ultimately, better health.


Architectural White (semi-matte)
Architectural White (semi-matte)
White (semi-gloss)
White (semi-gloss)
Black (semi-matte)
Black (semi-matte)
Matte Black
Matte Black
Environmental Satin Silver
Environmental Satin Silver
Satin Anodize
Satin Anodize
Inquire about custom finishes

Lens Options

Flush Lens

Flush frosted acrylic extrusion.

Ordering Code: A

Drop Lens – Solid End

1" H frosted acrylic extrusion with full height aluminum end cap.

Ordering Code: B

Drop Lens – Luminous End

1" H frosted acrylic extrusion with matching acrylic end cap.

Ordering Code: C


2” W Flat blade louver with 5/8” blades at 7/8” spacing, formed from sheet steel. Finish is Environmental Satin Silver (consult factory for alternate finishes). Supplied with light diffusion film.

Ordering Code: D

Wall Wash

Acrylic extrusion with optically engineered Fresnel prisms for wall wash applications. Available for Cable (C4, C8) mounting only. Optimized for placement 18”–24” from a wall surface. Uniformity ratio as low as 4:1.

Ordering Code: E


Fixture constructed of an extruded aluminum housing, extruded acrylic lenses and machined aluminum end caps.

Model variations offered for wall mount and cable suspended applications with multiple optic options.

Indirect optic options include Lambertian or batwing distributions while direct options include flush and drop frosted lenses, acrylic Fresnel wall wash lens (for cable mount fixtures) and flat blade louver.

Standard finishes include architectural white (semi-matte), white (semi-gloss), black (semi-matte), matte black, environmental satin silver (alternative to anodize), bronze and primer powder coat, applied post production (consult factory for custom finishes).

Satin anodize finish also available (may require additional lead time).

Available in nominal lengths of 2’–8’ single fixtures and continuous runs.

Basic continuous run fixtures provided with 18 ga. wiring harness for 6 Amp maximum load (consult factory for runs requiring multiple circuits, sensor integration, etc.).

Standard integral 120-277V driver offered with 0-10V dimming or non-dim.

Integral 120-277V emergency battery backup available for 6’ or 8’ nominal, single circuit non-dim or 0-10V (consult factory for all other lengths/drivers).

Standard light outputs range from 680–950 lumens per foot for the direct source and 815–1175 lumens per foot for the indirect source.

BIOS LEDs have 80+ CRI, R9 90+ and are available in static 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and two dynamic options in 2700–3000K, 2700–3500K and 2700–4000K.

Life: 50,000 hours L70.

Limited five year warranty.

UL and C-UL listed for dry and damp locations.

IBEW manufactured and assembled.

Made in U.S.A.

Product Data

Nominal Fixture Length

Actual dimensions dependent on run configuration.

  • 2: 22-5/8"
  • 3: 33-5/8"
  • 4: 44-5/8"
  • 5: 55-5/8"
  • 6: 66-5/8"
  • 7: 77-5/8"
  • 8: 88-5/8"

Correlated Color Temperature

  • BIOS Static | BS30: 3000K
  • BIOS Static | BS35: 3500K
  • BIOS Static | BS40: 4000K
  • BIOS Dynamic | BD30: 2700K-3000K
  • BIOS Dynamic | BD35: 2700K-3500K
  • BIOS Dynamic | BD40: 2700K-4000K
  • BIOS Dynamic TW | BDTW30: 2700K-3000K
  • BIOS Dynamic TW | BDTW35: 2700K-3500K
  • BIOS Dynamic TW | BDTW40: 2700K-4000K


  • ND: non-dimming
  • D: 0-10V, 1%
  • DTR: triac, 1%, (120V ONLY) *
  • DLV: electronic low voltage, 1%, (120V ONLY) *
  • HES: Lutron EcoSystem, soft-on/fade-to-black, 1% *
  • EL: eldoLED ECOdrive 0-10V, 1%
  • ES: eldoLED SOLOdrive 0-10V, 0.1%
  • ELD: eldoLED ECOdrive DALI, 1% *
  • ESD: eldoLED SOLOdrive DALI, 0.1% *

* Consult factory for dimming protocols other than 0-10V.


  • WM: wall mount
  • C4: cable mount 4' cable length
  • C8: cable mount 8' cable length
  • CF: consult factory for custom mounting

Light Output

(lumens per foot)

  • Indirect | R: regular – 880 (w/optic option 1)
  • Indirect | H: high – 1175 (w/optic option 1)
  • Indirect | CF: consult factory for custom output
  • Direct | R: regular – 710 (w/optic option C)
  • Direct | H: high – 950 (w/optic option C)
  • Direct | CF: consult factory for custom output

Run Configuration

  • SN: single
  • ST: starter
  • AD: adder
  • TR: terminator


  • ED: emergency driver (6’ or 8’ SINGLE CIRCUIT, non-dim or 0-10V only)
  • WS1A: Wattstopper FS-205, 100%-0% *
  • WS1B: Wattstopper FS-205, 100%-50% *
  • EN1: Enlighted FS-D22 *
  • ES4: Philips EasySense SNS211 MC *
  • CA1: Casambi CBU-A2D *
  • NL1: nLight RES7 *
  • NL2: nLight RIO *
  • LA1: Lutron Athena A-WN-D01-RF-WH *
  • LA2: Lutron Athena A-WN-D01-OCC-WH *

* See Integrated Controls section for driver compatibility information.


  • 1: single circuit
  • 2: two circuit (4' nom. length and longer)

Indirect Optic and Direct Optic

  • Indirect | 1: general Lambertain distribution
  • Indirect | 2: batwing distribution
  • Direct | A: flush lens
  • Direct | B: drop lens – solid end
  • Direct | C: drop lens – luminous end
  • Direct | D: louver
  • Direct | E: wall wash


Shown with batwing optic and flush lens options

BSS255 section with batwing optic and flush lens options

Shown with Lambertian optic and drop lens options

BSS255 section with Lambertian optic and drop lens options

Mounting Options

BSS255 cable mount
Cable Mount


  • Ø 1/16”x 48” (C4) or 96” (C8) aircraft cables
  • 60” (C4) or 108” (C8) power cable in coordinating finish
  • Bracket bars
  • Ø 5” white canopies
  • Ceiling couplers
  • Side exit cable grippers

Ordering Code: C4 and C8

BSS255 wall mount
Wall Mount
  • 1-7/8”H x 4-1/2”W sheet aluminum bracket projects the fixture housing 3/4” from the wall surface.
  • Bracket finish matches fixture finish, or ESS for satin anodize (SA) housing.

Ordering Code: WM

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