Chill HB2-Y

2” nominal width non-illuminated acoustic baffle, Y-shape configuration

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The Chill HB2-Y acoustic baffle compliments the HL2-Y luminaire, enhancing interior spaces with subtle to bold colors, while damping sound reflections.

The 2” wide frame is clad with ½” thick felt acoustic panels in 8”, 12” or 16” heights, 4’, 6’ and 8’ nominal sizes and twenty standard colors. The fixture housing is available in several architectural finishes, as well as optional RAL finishes to coordinate with panel colors. Fixture end treatments include matching acoustic material, machined aluminum end caps with powder coat or printed imagery options or solid wood end caps in a variety of finishes.



Fixture constructed of heavy gauge sheet formed steel and aluminum and PET acoustic felt panels.

Fixture offered in sizes of 4’, 6’ and 8’ nominal diameters.

The 1/2” thick, 100% PET (>75% recycled), fire rated (ASTM E84 Class B) 0.98 NRC acoustic felt panels feature a bottom beveled edge extended ends and are available in twenty standard colors.

Fixture end treatment options available in matching acoustic material or machined aluminum end caps with standard powder coat, optional RAL finishes, high resolution digital imagery or solid wood end caps.

Fixture housing available in standard powder coat finishes and optional RAL finishes coordinated to the panel colors.

Limited five year warranty.

Product Data

Nominal Fixture Length

  • 4: 48"
  • 6: 72"
  • 8: 96"


  • C4: cable mount 4’ cable length
  • C8: cable mount 8’ cable length
  • CF: consult factory for custom mounting

End Treatment

  • 1: extended panels
  • 2: acoustic
  • CF: consult factory for custom end treatment

End Finish

  • Code from color key: ___
  • CF: consult factory for custom finish


  • 8: 8"
  • 12: 12"
  • 16: 16"


Mounting Options

Cable Mount
  • Ø 1/16” x 48” (C4) or 96” (C8) aircraft cables
  • Ceiling couplers, cable grippers and Ø 5” white canopies

Ordering Code: C4 and C8

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