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2” wide aperture direct/indirect LED luminaire, wood or steel cladding

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REAL fixture with Corten steel cladding

Corten Steel
Finish option


The REAL81 is a linear, direct/indirect LED luminaire for general lighting applications. The 3” wide by 4-1/2” tall aluminum extruded housing is clad with 1/2” thick wood planks or heavy gauge Corten steel. The furniture grade wood options are available in several standard varieties, with hand applied finishes, while the Corten steel is clear coated. The REAL81 is available for cable or wall mounting and offered with a variety of dimming driver and light color options for added versatility.



Fixture constructed of an extruded aluminum housing, extruded, frosted acrylic lens, machined aluminum end caps and wood or steel cladding

Model variations offered for cable suspended and wall mount applications

Wood side cladding is 1/2” thick, furniture grade, solid wood in walnut, European beech, mahogany, white oak and bamboo ply or nine-ply Baltic birch with maple face

Solid wood planks and bamboo ply are hand finished in five to seven coats of clear shellac and sealed with clear liquid wax for a natural look and easy cleaning

Baltic birch planks are available with a clear shellac finish or water-based stain with clear sealer

Corten steel side cladding is 14 gauge with matte clear powder coat finish an includes button head fasteners in black finish

Optional decorative industrial hardware with black finish available for wood cladding

Fixtures available in nominal lengths of 2’–8′

Standard integral 120-277V driver offered with 0-10V dimming or non-dim (other dimming driver options available)

Integral 120-277V emergency battery backup available for 4’ or 8’ nominal, single circuit fixtures with non-dim or 0-10V dimming (consult factory for all other lengths/drivers)

Standard light outputs range from 315–405 lumens per foot for the direct source and 465–740 lumens per foot for the indirect source

LEDs available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K, within a 3 step MacAdam ellipse, all with 90+ CRI typical

Parabolic louver option available

Life: 50,000 hours L70

Limited five year warranty

UL and C-UL listed for dry locations

Made in U.S.A.

Product Data

Nominal Fixture Length

  • 2: 24-5/8”
  • 3: 35-5/8”
  • 4: 46-5/8”
  • 5: 57-5/8”
  • 6: 68-5/8”
  • 7: 79-5/8”
  • 8: 90-5/8”

Correlated Color Temperature

  • 27: 2700K-90+ CRI
  • 30: 3000K-90+ CRI
  • 35: 3500K-90+ CRI
  • 40: 4000K-90+ CRI


  • ND: non-dimming
  • D: 0-10V, 1%
  • DTR: triac, 1%
  • DLV: electronic low voltage, 1%
  • HES: Lutron EcoSystem, soft-on/fade-to-black, 1%
  • EL: eldoLED ECOdrive 0-10V, 1%
  • ES: eldoLED SOLOdrive 0-10V, 0.1%
  • ELD: eldoLED ECOdrive DALI, 1%
  • ESD: eldoLED SOLOdrive DALI, 0.1%


  • WM: wall mount
  • C4: cable mount 4’ cable length
  • C8: cable mount 8’ cable length

Light Output

(lumens per foot)

  • Indirect | L: low – 465 (w/ optic option 1)
  • Indirect | R: regular – 605 (w/ optic option 1)
  • Direct | L: low – 315 (w/ optic option A)
  • Direct | R: regular – 405 (w/ optic option A)
  • CF: consult factory for custom output

Run Configuration

  • SN: single


Indirect Optic and Direct Optic

  • Indirect | 1: general Lambertian distribution
  • Indirect | 2: batwing distribution
  • Direct | A: flush lens
  • Direct | D: louver (4' and 8' only)


  • ED: emergency driver (4’ or 8’ non-dim or 0-10V only)
  • DH1: deco. hardware – flanged button head*
  • DH2: deco. hardware – flanged hex head*

* Applies to solid wood and plywood cladding


  • 1: single circuit
  • 2: two circuit (4’ nom. length and longer)


Shown with cable mount and wood cladding options

REAL81 section illustration with cable mount and wood cladding options

Shown with wall mount and Corten steel cladding options

REAL81 section illustration with wall mount and Corten steel cladding options

Mounting Options

Wall Mount
  • 1-7/8” H x 2-1/2” W aluminum bracket projects the fixture housing 3/4” from the wall surface

Ordering Code: WM

Cable Mount


  • Ø 1/16”x 48” (C4) or 96” (C8) aircraft cables
  • 60” (C4) or 108” (C8) power cable (in coordinating finish)
  • Bracket bars
  • Ø 5” white canopies with integrated slip ring
  • Ceiling couplers
  • Side exit cable grippers

Ordering Code: C4 and C8

Decorative Hardware


Flanged button head decorative industrial hardware in black oxide finish

Ordering Code: DH1


Flanged hex head decorative industrial hardware in black oxide finish

Ordering Code: DH2

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