About Bartco

From Manufacturer to Valued Partner in Design
As a manufacturer of high-quality, specification grade, linear fluorescent strip fixtures, Leading the Way and Lighting It™ has defined Bartco Lighting for two decades. Through dedication to innovation, the Barton family has built a company with a solid reputation for quality product and quality service. Bartco Lighting introduced many firsts to the lighting industry and has become a valued asset to architects, lighting designers, electrical engineers, and distributors around the world. The evolution from manufacturer to a partner in design is why Bartco Lighting is heavily relied upon and continually Visions Brought to Light™.

Global Family
Represented globally by over 30 agencies, Bartco Lighting is proud to manufacture in the U.S.A by skilled IBEW tradesmen at the Huntington Beach, CA facility. It is the community and family owned spirit that acts as the foundation to Bartco Lighting and shapes it’s strong, sustaining commitment to charity, industry, and education.

Bartco Lighting
5761 Research Dr. Huntington Beach, CA 92649

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