Bartco Lighting SK21 linear architectural fixture


Ø13/16” 120V or 277V dimmable plug-and-play LED luminaire

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The proprietary BSK21 is a miniature linear, 120V or 277V line voltage LED luminaire that mounts, powers and aims with great ease. The extruded aluminum fixture mounts with a pair of small spring clips. For non-dimming operation, fixtures are powered by plugging in a grounded power cord. A plug-in hardwire adaptor enables fixtures to dim to 5% with 0-10V controls. Seamless, luminous runs up to 40’ are achieved by joining fixtures with end-to-end quick connects. Accessory jumper cables are available for installations requiring fixtures to be physically separated. The SK21 is available in five lengths with four color temperatures and 95 CRI LEDs.



  • Modular with quick connects
  • Simple, robust connections
  • Seamless row mount up to 40 feet
  • Uniform luminance throughout connections
  • Effortless dimming integration
  • Flexible for corners and direction changes



  • Nominal Length: 4'
  • Lens: F: White | C: Clear
  • Lumens/ft.: F: 250 | C: 325
  • Watts/ft.: F: 3.5 | C: 3.5
  • Luminaire Lumens: F: 951 | C: 1226
  • Efficacy (LPW): F: 71 | C: 93

Note: All data reflects fixtures with 3500K LEDs and regular output


Fixture constructed of an extruded aluminum housing in satin anodize finish, white or clear polycarbonate lens and male/female interconnects.

Available in nominal lengths of 1’–5’ for single fixture use or continuous runs.

Single and Starter fixtures provided with a cord and plug for non-dimming applications or hardwire adapter for dimming applications and a power termination cap.

Adder fixtures provided with a machined aluminum seam cover to conceal the joint between fixtures and carry the electrical ground.

Integral 120V or 277V driver offered with 0-10V dimming down to 5% or non-dim.

Fixtures can join directly end to end for continuous runs or be separated with 6” or 12” accessory interconnect cables.

Maximum luminous run length is 40’ with any combination of fixture lengths.

Mounting accomplished with included, screw mount accessory spring clips, which enables 360° aiming.

Regular light output is 250 or 350 lumens per foot, depending on lens.

LEDs available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K, within a 3 step MacAdam ellipse, all with 95 CRI typical.

Life: 40,000 L70 hours at 40°C ambient.

Five year limited warranty

UL and C-UL listed for dry and damp surface mount and portable locations.

Assembled in U.S.A.

Product Data

Nominal Fixture Length

  • 1: 14-5/16”
  • 2: 21-7/16”
  • 3: 33-1/4”
  • 4: 45-1/8”
  • 5: 56-15/16"

Actual dimension dependent on run configuration

Correlated Color Temperature

  • 27: 2700K-95 CRI
  • 30: 3000K-95 CRI
  • 35: 3500K-95 CRI
  • 40: 4000K-95 CRI


  • ND: non-dimming
  • D: 0-10V dimming, 5%

Light Output

  • L: low
  • R: regular
  • H: high

Run Configuration

  • PTS: single or starter fixture w/power cord
  • SMS: single or starter fixture w/hardwire adapter
  • ADD: adder fixture


  • F: white polycarbonate
  • C: clear polycarbonate


SK21 section

Mounting Options

SK21 mounting
  • Each fixture is provided with one pair of screw mount spring clips
  • Use appropriate fastener through 5/32" hole

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